AKF Lawyers is a dynamically developing law firm founded in 2011 that provides legal services to major local and international clients. We provide comprehensive legal advisory services in all areas of business law. We primarily focus on projects and commercial transactions, including large mergers and acquisitions. We advice clients involved in innovative businesses and we support their unique ideas with thorough knowledge and strong legal background. For our clients we have implementedvarious fresh ideas and innovative solutions in Slovakia.


Our core team involves lawyers with experience from  leading international law firms, which allows us to adopt similar working standards. At the same time, our flexibility, personal involvement and thorough knowledge of clients’ expectations allow us to achieve the efficiency of local law firms. We take into accout the singularity of all our clients ani their requirements and therefore we provide legal advise on an individual basis. While providing our services we not only try to use our practical konwledge of law but also our many years of experience in international law firms.


The close cooperation of our team grants our clients confidentiality and at the same time the diversity in knowledge of all our individual lawyers. All our lawyers fluently work and communicate in English.